The Path to Heaven 

Blessed is He, blessed is His Name, blessed is His Memory forever and for all of eternity 1, for there is no deity like Him 2. He created all of the worlds 3, and all which is within them 4, and all which is on them 5, and all which is between them 6. He alone rules over them and governs them, and does whatever he desires with them 7, all the more so with each person, animal and the remainder of all of creatures in the world.

I will, herein, attempt to describe the journey of the soul from the moment it is created until it travels up to heaven. In order to do so, I will first attempt to describe the different spiritual worlds that are above us.

The spiritual worlds :

The spiritual worlds above are divided into ten worlds, one higher than the other. These are sometimes referred to spheres in some scriptures 8. These worlds are filled with different categories of angels and/or souls according to their rank. The lower worlds are filled with the angels and/or souls of lower rank while the higher worlds are filled with the angels and/or souls of higher rank. Below these ten worlds are two antechambers referred to as Garden, and Eden, here again, one higher than the other. These two antechambers are filled with multitudes of souls which are transiting between this world and the worlds above as we will later describe. 

1. It is always customary to praise a judge (“Your Honor”) or a king (“Your Majesty”) before addressing them. All the more so G.. Almighty who is the King of Kings and the Ultimate Judge of all of Existence.

2.Throughout time, mankind has had faith and belief in various forms of deity. The Egyptians, Greeks and the Romans believed that there were multiple deities. Other civilizations believed in idols. Others believed in human forms of deity (such as the Buddhists and the Christians). Although there is no deity other than G.. Almighty, God of the Jews who revealed himself to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses, reference to other deities is made here because of these other beliefs and faiths.

3. He created all of the spiritual worlds as well as the physical ones. He created each and every star, planet and galaxy throughout space.

4. He created all of the masses that compose the core of each and every planet and star in the each and every galaxy.

5. He created all of the masses that are on the surface (soil, vegetation, water, etc.) and in the atmosphere (air, gases, etc.) of each and every planet and star in the each and every galaxy as well as everything being (germs, bacteria, etc.) and creature (animals, fish, humans, etc.) on the surface every planet and star in the each and every galaxy.

6. He created the masses in space that are between each and every atmosphere of each and every star and planet in each and every galaxy.

7. G.. Almighty makes sure that each planet remains where they are and that the planets do not collide with one another, he established the rotation of the earth around itself so that there would be day and night, etc. He supervises all of the astral beings in all of the galaxies.

8. The terminology world or sphere is used here as a metaphor. Because of the limited capacities of the human intellect, we need to use examples for this world in an attempt to understand the greatness of G..'s creation.